There are walls and walls. Some are for practical purposes others more decorative, all have to be able to stand up to the conditions expected of them.

We've build, natural stone walls, using a huge variety of natural stones, sometimes with quite large modules.



Flint walls, are much harder to build requiring more time and skills, being non pervious they have to be constructed with a sand lime based mortar, which is 'live' this restricts the height that can be built each day as they would tend to 'squash down' . Flints edges are also razor sharp so great care is needed handling them.



Random stone walls. We developed a rather novel solution to the random sizing of stone, by adding a brick coping top, it help 'lead' the eye around the project and looked superb.



Brick walls. Here a Chelsea Flower show exhibition garden is using Yellow stocks with canted second stocks nd a double creasing tile of terracota to add interest an colour to the corners, and special cut 'slips' glued to the face to create the 'Jokers' feature.



Timber walls. This treated timber wall is fully structural, expected to last 50 years and when planted looks suberb, we designed and built our first such wall over 30 years ago.!